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Drawn Swords: My Victory Over Childhood Ritual Abuse, by Jeanne Adams, ritual abuse survivor and activist


Drawn Swords by Jeanne Adams: Book cover Download Book PDF 255MB From the author: Drawn Swords began as a storyboard that filled my entire dining room table. My childhood trauma memories had returned by level of emotional intensity, not in chronological order. I had literally hundreds of notes scattered on that table. First I wanted a timeline that would make sense of it all. Then I wanted to...

Trauma Recovery as a Path of Human Development


Note from Ellen Lacter: I am so happy that Anne Redelfs, MD, has contributed this article to my website. Dr. Redelfs is a ritual abuse survivor and retired psychiatrist. She has created a healing ministry where she helps people listen deeply to their hearts and minds as inner guides to health and wholeness. She calls herself a “gardener of the soul.” Her website, anneredelfs.com, offers...

Work with “Abuser Personalities”


Updated May 2, 2021, with Important Contributions by an Anonymous Survivor-Colleague. Originally published October 6, 2006. Important note: This article includes some very disturbing content. Survivors may want to have a therapist, clergy-person, or other support person review it first and then discuss when it might be the right time to read it and whether to read it together. Introduction Most...

Treatment of Victims Who Condemn Themselves for Harm Done to Other Victims


BackgroundThis presentation will discuss the treatment of victims who have done harm to other victims driven by: a) abuser coercion andthreats, b) psychological manipulation by dissociation-savvy abusers, and, c) enactments of sexual and physical abuse in dissociated states. MethodThe author, a PhD qualified Clinical Psychologist, has worked with abuse survivors since 1982 and with victims of...

Have We (Us Grown-ups) Been Naughty or Nice?


Our Hopes for Our Children We wish our childhoods were filled with love and happy memories. But for many people, maybe most, our childhoods were something less. Perhaps our parents were harsh and overly critical. Perhaps we were abused in unthinkable ways. Now we have our own children. Will we make our children feel the way we felt growing up? Or will we be able to give them more love and peace...

Making Use of Evidence Packets to Increase the Safety of Victims and their Loved Ones in Response to Dangerous Abuser Networks


The safety of victims and their loved ones can be increased by creating evidence packets and distributing them to trusted parties. Crime evidence held by trusted parties may safeguard victims and loved ones against being killed, disappeared, permanently disabled, etc., in order to lose or destroy all evidence.  Typical evidence included inside of the sealed packets: Identifying information...

Sexual Responses to Sexual Assault


I have worked primarily with child sexual abuse since 1984, treating both child victims and adult survivors, probably about 100 of each, if I had to hazard a guess. In this time, I have learned a startling, as well as somewhat obvious, effect of child sexual abuse: Perpetrators who sexually abuse children achieve whatever response they are seeking in the child. Perpetrators have the advantage of...

Are Victims of Extreme Abuse Responsible for Harm Done to Others While Not under Direct Torture? A Complex Psychological, Moral, and Legal Issue


On October 15, 2017, I published an article to my website entitled, For Those Who Condemn Themselves for Acts Coerced Under Torture. In that article, I, along with 65 other therapists and researchers, hold blameless victims of extreme abuse who have been coerced through torture to harm other victims. The response to that article has been very gratifying. Both survivors and therapists have told me...

Child Rape and Torture Materials on the Dark Web: Peter Scully and Beyond


Note: This article is intended primarily for psychotherapists. It contains very disturbing content. It is important that all readers have appropriate support should they decide to read it. Children are being victimized at younger and younger ages within the production of increasingly sadistic child abuse materials, colloquially known as “hurtcore,” a burgeoning industry on the dark web. We can...

Excerpt: Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment by Europol


This is an excerpt from the Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment by the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol), 2017, EC3, European Cybercrime Centre. Download the full report here:  CRIME PRIME: CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION ONLINE KEY FINDINGS Coercion and sexual extortion are increasingly being used to victimise children. Offenders use these methods to obtain further...

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