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For Therapists: Lessons I Have Learned


1. In good therapy, we heal the spirit, not treat disorders. Even “cognitive” distortions/traps are only healed in depth work.

2. Ritual abuse and mind control survivors can only heal if their therapists believe they were tortured, though we need not validate every memory. Programming, abusers’ illusions, and psychological factors can cause distortions of memory.

3. Love may be the greatest therapeutic agent. Clients feel loved by a therapist’s understanding and consistency. Love grows from the inside out, because the person allows it into his/her core. Abuse tries to reach one’s core, but cannot, because the self shields the core. Love IS stronger than hate.

4. Dissociative people can have personalities who participate in an abusive cult/group unbeknownst to the host personality.

5. Most therapy clients are trauma survivors, not hard-wired mental disorders, such as schizophrenia or true bipolar disorder! See Briere quoted in ASCAs Disability Discrimination Act Inquiry: www.pc.gov.au/inquiry/dda/subs/sub185.rtf

6. 50-minute sessions are not long enough for depth work with many survivors. Ask insurers for 2 hours weekly or bi-weekly.

7. The human spirit may actually leave the body in extreme, near-death trauma. This may be more than just psychological.

8. Prayer within a client’s spiritual base is deeply healing of trauma. This is simply working in a client’s cultural context!

9. CIA-use of mind control in the 1950s is well-documented: http://www.wanttoknow.info/mindcontrol10pg

In 2003, most technological nations, and other interest groups that use intelligence, likely have large mind control “black operations” (covert programs and funding), for both experimentation and implementation. Why are mind-controlled agents, spies, couriers, assassins, better than conscious, salaried agents/spies?

A. Motivation To Do Spy work and Risk of Loss of Intelligence Asset (Agent):

Conscious Salaried Agent: Motivated largely by money. High risk of defection as traitor or double-agent.

Unwitting Unconscious Programmed Agent: Motivated by unconscious terror of torture. Obedient; free will disabled by mind-control programming. Will not defect.

B. Risk of Giving Secrets to the Enemy:

Conscious Salaried Agent: High risk: Confession likely under interrogation.

Unwitting Unconscious Programmed Agent: Low risk- Information usually inaccessible.

C. Abilities:

Conscious Salaried Agent: Within the normal range of abilities.

Unwitting Unconscious Programmed Agent: Enhanced memory, physical, & psychic ability. Enhanced by torture.

D. Response to Investigation of Violations of National or International Law:

Conscious Salaried Agent: Vulnerable to self-incrimination in legislative or international proceedings.

Unwitting Unconscious Programmed Agent: Poor witness- Information accessible only to the programmers/handlers. Person deemed insane (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

For a deeper understanding of this issue, read: Marks, John. (1979.) The Search for the Manchurian Candidate. New York: Times Books.

10. “The Human Ecology Foundation was actually a funding front for [CIA project] MKULTRA” from 1953-1963. Many advisory board members of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation have had CIA and military intelligence ties. See this quote and history in Ross, C. (1996) Building the Manchurian Candidate: http://www.heart7.net/mcf/radio/ckln01.htm

11. The next big secret being unveiled is witchcraft cult abuse (this differs substantially from the practices of Satanic cults). See “Overview of the Differences Between Satanism and Witchcraft” on this website.

12. Advocate! Therapists must advocate for legislation and inter-agency protocols to investigate ritualistic crime and protect victims. Survivors have entrusted the truth in us. We must now join them in activism. We are justified and guided in this by ethical principles to contribute to the welfare of our clients and to work to mitigate the causes of human suffering (Principle E: “Concern for Other’s Welfare”, and F: “Social Responsibility”, of the Ethical Responsibilities of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, American Psychological Association, 1992, http://www.psychpage.com/ethics/ethicalprinciples.html ).

13. The press is not free. There are systematic efforts to suppress the truth about ritual abuse and mind control. September, 2002, Mark Sauer wrote an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune criticizing the offering of two presentations on ritual abuse at the 7th International Conference on Family Violence, 2002. Fifteen people wrote signed letters to the San Diego Union-Tribune complaining about the strong bias of his article. The letters were passed from the editorial department to Sauer’s desk, a violation of the ethical wall that should exist between the editorial and news department. No letters were printed.

Modified: November 15, 2010

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