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The False Memory Debate


Research Discussing Corroboration and Accuracy of Recovered Memories: An Annotated Bibliography By Lynn Crook, August, 2002 Andrews, B., Brewin, C., Ochera, J., Morton, J., Bekerian, D., Davies, G., and Mollon, P. (1999). Characteristics, context and consequences of memory recovery among adults in therapy. Brit J Psychiatry 175:141-146. Abstract: One-hundred and eight therapists provided...

Advocating for Ritualistically Abused Children


Published in the July 1, 2002, issue of The CALAPT Newsletter Most of you reading this column know me as Immediate Past President of the California Association for Play Therapy (CALAPT), a Registered Play Therapist and Supervisor, academic coordinator of University of California-San Diego-Extension’s Play Therapy Certificate Program, a psychologist specializing in the treatment of trauma, and a...

Problems for Victims of Ritual Abuse in San Diego


Opinion Piece Submitted to the San Diego Union-Tribune by Ellen Lacter, Ph.D. on 9-29-2000 Mark Sauer’s 9-24-00 article, “A Web of Intrigue”, in the San Diego Union-Tribune is his most recent in a series of articles misrepresenting the facts on the subject of child ritual abuse and attacking advocates for ritual abuse victims. His articles have, over the past 10 years, contributed to convincing a...

Ritual Abuse Victims Advocate Responds to Defamatory Article


Response by “Karen Curio Jones” to Mark Sauer’s article, “A Web of Intrigue” in the San Diego Union-Tribune, dated September 24, 2000 For the past several years I have been an advocate for victims of child ritual abuse and have published information on the world-wide web in an effort to educate the public about these disturbing crimes. I have posted information under various pseudonyms in an...

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