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Abusive Witchcraft “Sacred Ground”


Multi-generational Fertility Cult

Oblong rock configuration and base of altar
Trifurcated tree in Oblong Ring: Huge split tree with parts on ground in background

The rock formations in these photographs represent what is most likely the “Sacred Ground” of a ritually-abusive “Multi-generational Fertility Cult”. I am referring to “Witchcraft Ritual Abuse”, not Wicca.

Witchcraft ritual abuse and Satanic ritual abuse both include human sacrifice and sexual torture of children. However, Satanism and Witchcraft attach very different meanings to these crimes, worship different deities, and are rivals in their failing goals of world domination. See the page on this website entitled; “Overview of the Differences between Satanism and Witchcraft”.

Memories of Witchcraft ritual abuse, the personalities affected by these abuses, and Witchcraft programming, are almost always buried more deeply in the unconscious mind than the memories, personalities, and programming associated with Satanic ritual abuse and abuse by groups with political/military agendas. The abusive methods used by Witchcraft affect the psyche and spirit more profoundly, and block memory more effectively. In many cases of ritual abuse, one of the survivors parents (and the lineage on that side) was involved in Satanism, and the other parent (and lineage) was involved in Witchcraft. The side practicing Witchcraft will likely know everything that is happening on the Satanist side, but the Satanist side will not understand very much of what the Witchcraft side is doing.

These pictures are posted here to expose abusive Witchcraft to the light of day, with the goal of helping ritual abuse survivors overcome the effects of Witchcraft ritual abuse.

Witches would have chosen this site as a ritual site because it contains a number of features they view as holy. Note that the photographs of the oblong ring of rocks (about 26 feet in length) include a trifurcated tree, or three trees that have grown together. The number three is sacred in witchcraft. Such a tree would be considered sacred, thus the ring of rocks constructed around it.

Behind this tree is a huge and ancient tree that is split in four parts, with three now lying on the ground, and one still standing. This tree was likely the largest and oldest tree in the area for quite some time. The trunk is about five feet in diameter. Witches would see it as the most holy tree in the area, signifying the eternalness of Witchcraft. The group would thus choose this site for their “Sacred Ground”. In rituals, the witch group would likely dance around this huge tree.

Between the two trees is a pit (about 6 feet in diameter). This pit would signify part of the “womb of mother earth” to Witchcraft. Blood would likely be poured into such a pit.

The oblong ring of rocks and two above-described trees, are situated between two streams, which would make this site especially holy in the eyes of Witchcraft. Both streams run from east to west. The site itself is on an east-west axis, with the tree on the west. This orientation is the strong preference in Witchcraft, and will occur less frequently in Satanic ritual sites.

The oblong ring of rocks has the tree at one end, and a concrete slab at the other end, which was likely used as the base of an altar. This configuration is typical of a Witchcraft site. The actual altar would be stone and laid on the concrete slab for rituals.

In Satanism, the altar would be more likely placed in the center of the ritual site. The site itself would have four corners or a tree in the center. In Satanism, the altar often has space below it, since at times, a fire is lit under the altar.

In both abusive Witchcraft and Satanism, the actual altar would be movable, transported to the site for the ritual, and removed immediately afterwards.

The ground in the middle of the oblong ring of rocks is mounded. In abusive Witchcraft, stones, branches, twigs, and sacred objects attached with spiritual evil in abusive rituals would be buried in this mound.

There is a smaller (about 5 feet in diameter) ring of rocks adjacent to the trifurcated tree, on the south. This may have been used for fire, a necessary element in abusive Witchcraft rituals. Fire, air, earth, and “living water” (a moving stream) are all required. Dancing would occur around the fire, as well as around the huge tree.

The less-defined, more round, and larger circle (about 32 feet in diameter, and about 50 feet to the north of the smaller oblong ring) would also be a place to dance or watch as sexual and death sacrifices occurred to propitiate Witch deities in the smaller oblong circle.

This site is in San Diego County, California. It was revealed following the fires in late October, 2003 that cleared away a great deal of the brush. The site is still well-camouflaged. I hiked past it a number of times before spotting it. It was likely constructed about 50 years ago, judging by the apparent age of the concrete slab, and was likely not used for the past 30 years, when houses were constructed within about 200 yards of the site.

Stephen Oglevie, my mentor in understanding Satanic and abusive witchcraft practices, provided me with these distinctions between Witchcraft and Satanic ritual sites.

Less-defined Round Ring of Rocks in Foreground; Smaller Formation Partially Visible in Background
Larger Circle of Rocks Behind Tree, About 32 Feet Diameter, About 50 Feet from Smaller Oblong Circle

The five-foot diameter ring of rocks adjacent to the trifurcated tree, and the pit between the two trees that may have been used for fire.

Huge Ancient Tree with Three Parts Laying on Ground; Pit Behind Trifurcated Tree

In the upper left quadrant of this photograph is a huge, ancient Eucalyptus tree, with three of its four parts now laying on the ground. One part still stands. The base of the trunk of this huge tree is slightly more than five feet in diameter. On the right is a trifurcated tree, which is at the west end of an oblong ring of rocks, with a concrete slab at the east end. To the left of this tree is a partially-discernable ring of rocks, about 5 feet in diameter, that may have been where a fire was lit. Between the two trees is a recessed pit that is about six feet in diameter. Click below to return to more photographs and an explanation about why this was likely a Withcraft ritual abuse site.

I can provide very high-definition images and more views upon request.

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