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Spiritual and Psychological Resolution of the Pain and Torment of Having Abused or Killed While Victimized by Ritual Abuse and Mind Control


(Originally published August 5, 2003, updated January 26, 2005, and again on November 16, 2010) I. The pain and torment associated with abusing or killing others is often: A. The greatest obstacle in personal healing and recovery. Many survivors “get stuck” in their journey toward healing because they cannot face that they have abused or killed others. B. The most profound factor that prevents...

Treating Dissociative, Abused and Ritually Abused, Children


This article is organized into ten sections and a bibliography, as follows: When the Child is Not Safe Working with Protective Parents to Increase a Child’s Sense of Safety Treating Dissociation in the Pretend World of Play Play Characterizations and “Abuser Personalities” The Importance of Safe Places in the Treatment of Dissociative Children Direct Interpretation and Intervention in...

For Therapists: Lessons I Have Learned


1. In good therapy, we heal the spirit, not treat disorders. Even “cognitive” distortions/traps are only healed in depth work. 2. Ritual abuse and mind control survivors can only heal if their therapists believe they were tortured, though we need not validate every memory. Programming, abusers’ illusions, and psychological factors can cause distortions of memory. 3. Love may be the greatest...

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