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For Those Who Condemn Themselves for Acts Coerced Under Torture


Introduction One of the most disturbing horrors described by survivors of extreme child abuse is having been subjected to torture to coerce them, while being tortured, to harm or kill other victims. Many survivors describe clear memories of first being subjected to this form of abuse as young children. The subsequent moral injury is devastating. For the purposes of this article, the term...

Legal and Ethical Dilemmas for Psychotherapists in Making Reports to Child Protection and Law Enforcement of Suspected Ritual Abuse of Children or Dependent Adults


Psychotherapists face many legal and ethical dilemmas when making reports of suspected ritual abuse, or reports against ritually abusive groups, to child protective services (CPS) and law enforcement (LE). Such reports may lead to protection of victims, but they also carry significant risk of harmful outcomes. I. Suspected Reports of Ritual Abuse of Current Children In most states in the USA...

Hypnotism by G.H. Estabrooks


From Hypnotism, by G.H. Estabrooks, 1943, 1957 Paperback published in New York by E.P. Dutton Reproduced here by permission of Dutton. Chapter IX: Hypnotism in Warfare (pages 193 to 213) This chapter is not taken from a mystery novel. The facts and the ideas presented are, so to speak, too true to be good, but no psychologist of standing would deny the validity of the basic ideas involved. He...

Empirical and Forensic Evidence of Ritual Abuse


Personal Introduction by Ellen Lacter, Ph.D. (Not included in the Noblitt’s work) I am very excited to be able to be able to post this chapter by Randall Noblitt and Pamela Noblitt to my website, courtesy of Praeger, the publisher, and the Noblitts. This is chapter 6 in full, with footnotes and references, from: Cult and Ritual Abuse: Narratives, Evidence, and Healing Approaches, 3rd Editionby...

Forgiveness as an Act of Defiance, by Reverend Lynn James, LMHC


I have spent the past 20 years as a counselor working with survivors of all kinds of violence.  I have listened to brutal details of atrocities that happen daily in all kinds of war zones. Too often, these war zones are right in people’s own homes and lives. What strikes me over and over again are some troubling polarities that are often imposed on victims about forgiveness, such as: Forgiveness...

Spirituality, Evil, and Suffering


The Messages Communicated to Child Abuse Victims As a trauma therapist, I hear daily how people’s spiritual beliefs can be a deep source of comfort and wisdom.  However, sadly, in some instances, spiritual beliefs and messages can actually reinforce the messages of child abusers and increase the self-blame and the pain of victims and survivors. Abused and neglected children, and sometimes even...

In Recognition of Neil Brick


Going on 20 years, Neil Brick has been a dedicated and tireless advocate in the fight to expose ritual abuse and mind control. Survivors, their loved ones, advocates, activists, therapists, clergy, and researchers have come to see Neil Brick as a valuable source of information and training, and as a facilitator of the survivor community. In 1995, Neil Brick ( ) founded S.M.A.R.T: Stop Mind...

Seeing and Breaking the Chains: Steps for Recognizing On-Going Abuse and How to Break FREE


Note from Ellen Lacter: This piece is based on a presentation by Arauna Morgan, MA, which was given at the May 2013 Survivorship Conference in Oakland California. Arauna Morgan is a trusted colleague, in the process of becoming a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a survivor of ritual abuse and mind control. I recommend her as a consultant to therapists working with survivors...

Common Forms of Misinformation and Tactics of Disinformation about Psychotherapy for Trauma Originating in Ritual Abuse and Mind Control


This page on my website seeks to expose a number of common forms of misinformation and tactics of disinformation about psychotherapy for trauma originating in ritual abuse and mind control. Disinformation is distinguished from misinformation in that it is intentionally fraudulent. Misinformation and disinformation about ritual abuse and mind control trauma and psychotherapy to treat such trauma...

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