Torture-Based Mind Control Workshop

 - by Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D.

Empirical Research, Programmer Methods, Effects & Treatment

Wanda Karriker, Ph.D., Randy Noblitt, Ph.D., Eileen Schrader, MSW, and Ellen P. Lacter, Ph0.D. will present a four-hour workshop on Wednesday, September 17, 1:00 to 5:00pm, in San Diego, California entitled:
Torture-Based mind Control: Empirical Research, Programmer Methods, Effects & Treatment

This workshop provides current knowledge about mind control programming, its effects on its victims, challenges in the recovery process, and effective treatment strategies and healing methods. Clinical observations made by the presenters from their extensive work with mind control survivors are supported by preliminary data obtained from the 2007 series of International Extreme Abuse Surveys.

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This workshop is relevant to extreme abuse survivors and the professionals and other advocates who share their healing journeys. The presenters will integrate what they have learned about torture-based mind control programming though clinical practice, personal experience, and international research.

Dr. Karriker will cover torture-based mind control as a global phenomenon. Preliminary data from the 2007 series of “International Extreme Abuse Surveys” that support observations by the co-presenters will be displayed and discussed.

Dr. Lacter will cover how programming is installed, based on two common kinds of mind control programming done by sophisticated abusers: “Don’t talk; don’t tell” and “Remember to forget; forget to remember.” It is from survivors accounts that we understand programmers’ calculated methods of program installation. And it is when we understand how programming is done, and the psychological mechanisms underlying its functioning, that we can demystify it and render it ineffective.

Dr. Noblitt
will explain programming as trained dissociation. Clients diagnosed with dissociative disorders often describe histories of systematic or ritualized abuse that appear designed to elicit conditioned responses.  Programming consists of training that is designed to create compliance and amnesia. Victims are prone to repetitive exploitation and assault but they can learn to manage these lapses in consciousness and normal volition. We will explore relevant clinical applications.

Eileen Schrader, MSW
, and mind control survivor will discuss healing from programming and trauma. Survivors of torture-based mind control need to disable the effects of the programming they endured as well as to heal from the spiritual and psychological effects of this trauma. There are multiple challenges encountered in the healing journey toward deep psychological and spiritual resolutions. Participants will understand this journey from the unique perspective of a therapist/survivor.